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**Unlock Creativity with Our Dot Mandala Inspiration Deck Monthly Facebook Live Subscription!**

If you're looking to join our vibrant community without purchasing a physical Dot Mandala Inspiration Deck, you're in the right place. Welcome to our Dot Mandala Monthly Live Subscription, where creativity knows no limits!

**What's the Dot Mandala Inspiration Deck?**

Whether you're a seasoned artist or a creative explorer, our deck offers the perfect blend of visual and textual prompts. Each double-sided card features a word or phrase on one side and a unique image of my art on the other. It's a catalyst for creativity, pushing your boundaries and sparking new ideas.

**The Monthly Live Experience:**

Join our creative community and gain access to our exclusive monthly live sessions. If you've already purchased a physical deck, you're already a part of this experience! However, for those who haven't, this subscription grants you entry to our private Facebook group, where the magic unfolds. In these live sessions, we'll draw cards from the deck, explore artistic interpretations, and engage in open discussions. It's a safe space to share your ideas, learn from others, and embark on a collective journey of creative growth.

After you purchase, you will receive a 2nd email from my website stating that your downloads are ready. Open up the PDF attached to that email and you will find instructions on how to join the private Facebook Group.

**Benefits of Subscribing:**

- **Monthly Live Sessions:** Immerse yourself in our live sessions each month, soaking in inspiration and techniques.

- **Archived Videos:** Don't worry about missing out! Access past live videos exclusively within the private Facebook group.

- **Diverse Content:** Discover content not available on my YouTube channel, tailored exclusively for our subscribers.

- **Join a Creative Community:** Connect with fellow artists, ask questions, and gain fresh perspectives on your art.

**Subscription Details:**

For those who prefer not to purchase a physical deck at this time, our subscription offers an alternative path into our creative haven. At just $2 CAD/month, you can become a part of our private Facebook group and unlock the treasure trove of artistic insight and collaboration.

**Ready to Join?**

If you're excited to dive into the world of dot mandala painting, exchange ideas, and connect with a community of like-minded creatives, this subscription is your gateway. Remember, if you've already purchased a physical deck, you're automatically part of our vibrant community!

Dot Mandala Inspiration Decks are available for PRE-ORDER ONLY at the link below. Once you have pre-ordered a deck, you will gain access to the Facebook Group and the Monthly Lives, so you do not have to purchase access here too, just go get the deck, save yourself $2 lol!

Billed the 15th of every month.

If you choose to purchase a physical deck at a later date, I will cancel your subscription for you as lifetime membership to the group is included with the purchase of the cards.