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BLM Pin-Back Buttons


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This product is printed by an external supplier, meaning that I do not carry this item in my physical inventory. The estimated production time is 4 business days, and then they ship directly to you. Please know that with the current climate right now, production and shipping times may be delayed! Also, any items that do not have this notification on them are shipped from my personal inventory and will come to you separately from this or any other print on demand items that you order. 

Sales from this item will be donated as follows. Any orders placed by US or international customers will be donated to the US Black Lives Matter movement. Any orders placed by Canadian customers will be divided equally between the Canadian Black Lives Matter movement and an organization that supports equality for Canadian Indigenous people. For the latter, I am currently doing research on which specific organization I will be donating to. Please check out my Announcements page on this website for details. (I will also update each listing for these products once I have that info.

The ONLY money from these sales that will not be donated will be those necessary to cover shipping costs. I have created my retail price by adding cost to the average base shipping cost. This helps keep the price you pay as low and consistent as possible. My Announcements page will show the sales details of all this and will be updated weekly, starting the Sunday after the first sale. This is all very new to me, so please be patient with me as I figure out how to coordinate all of this. But know that I will be completely transparent in the process!

Item Details:

Buttons come in packs and are covered with scratch and UV-resistant mylar with a standard button-back. Proudly handcrafted and printed in the USA.