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The First - Hand Painted Dot Mandala Canvas


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This 60cm diameter round canvas that I painted holds a lot of special meaning to me. It was completed at the end of 2019 and to date remains the largest piece I’ve done yet. I remember buying the canvas at a little art store in St. Mary’s, Ontario, while I was there for work and being absolutely giddy with excitement. The canvas sat for weeks, me just staring at it and waiting for the inspiration to hit. Then one day it did. That started it. I sat down and every day that I could I’d spend more time on it. Flash forward to 30+ hours of painting later and we have this beauty to show for it. People asked me to sell her and the e thought would almost bring me to tears. I just couldn’t do it! We have moved since and I sit and stare at it a lot still. But I’ve had this feeling lately that it’s time to let her do for someone else what she has done for me in our time together. She has been a constant reminder of what I’m capable of and that is creating beautiful things, and she constantly reminds me the value of beauty in a world that can get very dark sometimes. She’s hypnotized me in wonder “I did THAT?!?!”. And she has been the drive and inspiration for me turning my art in to my careen, living a live of creating things like this. I hope her new home is ready for the delight and warmth that she brings. It will be hard to say goodbye to her, but it will make my heart happy to know she has a new home that will love her like I do ❤️

This piece is protected with artists varnish and I will include a certificate of authenticity. She does not come with hanging hardware, I’d like the new home to desire how they want to orient it, and she has stayed steady on a simple nail all this time for me. 

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