Symmetry Studio Dot Mandala Workshop 1: "Golden Waves" - Recordings - 10 hours


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These sessions were conducted via livestream in a private Facebook group in February of 2024. All live replays are hosted on YouTube.

After purchasing, you will receive an email containing a PDF attachment with the links to the recordings of all 5 sessions. Click on each link to be taken to the video on YouTube. Please keep an eye on your Spam or Junk folder if you do not receive the welcome email in your Inbox after purchase. 

OK, now, about this recorded workshop.......

In this 10-hour online workshop series, you will learn everything you need to paint this super cool repeating pattern in every colour combo you can dream of! 

I've painted a few of these almost kaleidoscope-like symmetries and they are THE most fun things that I’ve done in a long time, they each brought me SO much joy because they were entirely based on play. Now yes, the blocking out can be confusing, and yes there is some mathing, BUT, there is also a lot of “ooooooo” and “that’s so cool!” moments. It is not an easy thing for me to explain in a 60 second video, or even in 5 minutes, so a workshop it is! 

Below you will find the supplies list and it will be on the PDf attachment you get in your email as well. I hope you have a great time painting this design, happy painting!!

Supplies List:

  • Surface to paint on, any size, any material. I will be painting on a 10” round MDF panel that I purchased from Dollarama here in Canada
  • Paint for your background colour, I use black most times
  • 4 colours of paint. I went for a subtle colour grade from a champagne white to a dark gold, but any colour grade would look awesome. But don’t limit yourself, you may decide you want to do some other set of 4 colours that you really love, GO FOR IT! (I won’t be using golds for the workshop, but I will be doing a colour grade of some sort, I think, we’ll see, lol)
  • 1.5mm ball stylus tool
  • Range of dotting tools no larger than 5.5mm in size. The reason for this vagueness is that I am not sure which size we will go with for those “centre” dots, I will be playing a bit with this design, so just have a few different ones around those sizes handy.
  • Watercolour pencil crayon or soapstone pencil to draw guidelines.