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Dot Mandala Stone - 4”


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This is one of my favourite designs and the red background is so out of character for me! This stone was hand cast using gypsum.  After the mandala-inspired design is painted, the entire piece is given 3 coats of satin varnish. I also put some felt on the bottom of each piece to reduce the risk of scratches to your surfaces! I make each piece with love from my home with my fabulous cat named Audrey as my trusty sidekick. My mission is to create beautiful works of art that make you feel lighter and smile when you see them. All my hand cast items have their unique looks as no two can ever be created the same. Since the ggypsum cures bottom up, bubbles rise and collect there. But the evidence of these bubbles is only visible from the bottom. This mandala stone is approximately 4” in diameter and 1” tall