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PREORDER ONLY!!!! In order to make this project feasible, a minimum of 100 decks need to be ordered at a time from the manufacturer. I do not know how long this will take to hit that 100 deck milestone, so please DO NOT purchase without being aware of that first. If you no longer wish to wait for the order, if you feel it has taken too long, please reach out to me and I’ll gladly refund you. I want you to feel good about this experience, and not stressed out waiting. So just lemme know! 

The possibilities are endless with this 52 card dot mandala inspiration deck! Pull a card from the deck daily, weekly, whenever, to inspire your creation! Use it to help you move through artist block, be mindful in your art, challenge your skills, hold yourself accountable to goals, increase productivity, so many things! The deck also includes 2 double sided instruction cards providing instructions in ways you can use the deck, and how to join the private Facebook Group. I have created it for us to share our journeys with our decks and gather live once a month to pull a card together! Know that it is a safe space to share questions, ask for assistance, post your projects, and gain further inspiration from other members!

Each card is double sided. One side will have a single word or phrase. The other side will have one of 52 unique images of my art! The beauty of having both image AND words, is that both can inspire you in a completely different way! 


Here is one thing you're probably not expecting to hear me say, if you pull a card that doesn't inspire you, that makes you wish you had pulled a different prompt, don't follow that prompt! This is YOUR deck, so if you don't want to paint a single colour mandala, then don't! Use this deck to help you feel your way in to your artwork and in to the peace and joy that it can bring you! 


The images shared above are a sneak peek of a few in the deck. There are 50 unique words/phrases plus 2 "Practice" cards that you can use to practice any part of this art form that you choose on that day! As mentioned above there are 52 unique images that you can also draw inspiration from.