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Blank Stone - 1.25” -gypsum


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This blank stone is good for anyone who has ever wanted to try their hand at dot painting small stones and doesn’t want to (or can’t) use natural stones! The centers of these stones come out of the mold marked with a slight bump so it’s easy to find the middle! They have a very flat bottom, great for magnets or pendants! 

It was cast from Ultracal30 gypsum powder and dried for a minimum of one week. Since the gypsum cures bottom up, bubbles rise and collect there. But the evidence of these bubbles is only visible from the bottom. This stone is approx 1.25in diameter and 0.5” tall  

I’ve recently made the switch from plaster of Paris to gypsum and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Gypsum is stronger, mixes smoother, and dries as a less chalky and smoother surface! This means substantially less risk of damage during travel (I’ve dropped these on the cement and banged then together and have seen zero evidence of impact!)

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