Hand Painted Dot Mandala Mug - 15 oz


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One of my favourite things to do is to paint the same design on both white and black mugs at the same time. I always am amazed by how much the colour of the background can completely change the look of the design! This design is an adaptation of one of my ornaments, and converting it to a mug design was super fun and very gsatisfying!

This is a 15oz mug that stands approximately 5” tall. I Air cure my mugs instead of baking them to reduce the risk of bubbling. once they have cured they are technically top-shelf dishwasher safe but I recommend gentle hand-washing to be safe due to the delicate design. These mugs are NOT microwave safe and MUST NOT sit/soak in water. 

Please be extra gentle when washing this piece to help reduce the risk of damage.