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Dot Mandala Workshop Recording - Flower Pots


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These sessions were conducted via livestream in a private Facebook group in June of 2023. All live replays are hosted on YouTube.

After purchasing your ticket to this event, you will receive an email containing a PDF attachment with the links to the recordings of all 6 sessions. Click on each link to be taken to the video on YouTube. Please keep an eye on your Spam or Junk folder if you do not receive the welcome email in your Inbox after purchase. 

Now on to the Workshop Info!

Join us for an immersive workshop where you'll explore the enchanting world of dot mandala painting. Discover the artistry of creating intricate designs on flower pots, canvas, wood panels, and more!

Workshop Highlights:

Session 1: Mini-Live #1 - Getting Ready (1hr)

We'll kick off the workshop with an orientation session. Get to know your fellow participants, learn about the materials needed, and prepare for the creative journey ahead.

Session 2: Mini-Live #1 - Getting Ready - Redo

* There were some technical issues during our first go-round at this session where I was unable to see comments on Facebook. So this is the second video to make sure everyone had a chance to ask their questions. 

Session 3: Main Session #1 - Half Mandala Design (see pictured)

Session 4: Main Session #2 - Modified Dot Mandala Wrap Around Design (see pictured).

* In this session we will convert the half-mandala design into a wrap around designs

Session 5: Mini-Live #2 - Finishing and Q&A

* We discuss removing guidelines, and learn about sealing and preserving your dot mandala artworks.

- I have created a downloadable PDF pattern of the 2 designs that we will do in the workshop and can be purchased at the link below.

During the workshop, we'll focus on painting dot mandalas on flower pots, but rest assured, these techniques can be applied to flat surfaces like canvas or wood panels. Whether you want to create captivating wall art, unique home decor, or personalized gifts, the skills you acquire in this workshop will empower you to unleash your creativity across a variety of mediums.

This workshop welcomes both beginners and experienced artists. Join us to unlock your creative potential, connect with a community of fellow art enthusiasts, and bring the captivating beauty of dot mandalas to life.

Supplies List:

  • Both designs are painted on flower pots purchased at Dollar Tree (Canada). They each measure 4.75” tall, with a 4.6” diameter at the opening. The first design is 10” across and 5” tall. If you choose to paint on a flat surface, make sure it is at least 5’ x 10”. The second design is also 5” tall and can be painted on a circumference of any size, or a flat surface of any width.
  • Isopropyl alcohol (50% or higher) for cleaning the glass or ceramic surface of finger prints and dust
  • chalk marker for guildelines. Washi tape and string are options as well
  • ruler to measure the placement of your guidelines
  • 2 main colours for your design, white paint to mix and create gradients, and 1 accent colour (gold, for example). If you are painting on ceramic or glass, you will need Multi-Surface acrylics, glass, enamel, or porcelaine paints. For wood, canvas, or stone, regular acrylics are perfect!
  • paint pots or palette to mix paints in
  • damp cloth to clean your tools
  • dotting tools - You don’t need a fancy set of tools to create beautiful dot mandalas. Anything with a flat round end, or any pointy tool like a sharp toothpick will work. I started with crochet hooks of different sizes, and I stuck a sewing pin in the end of a pencil eraser, oh, and toothpicks were essential for tiny dots. I use Happy Dotting Company and DIY Mandala Stones tools as my main dotting tools. The largest tool I use in these designs is 14mm, and the smallest in these types of tools is 1.5mm. I also use a set of metal nail dotting stylus tools - check out the photos here for pictures and sizes of my stylus and pointy tools for reference. 
  • stir sticks/toothpicks to stir & mix paints
  • cotton swabs and clean water for removing chalk/watercolour pencil guidelines
  • comfy clothes, yummy drinks & snacks