Dot Mandala Downloadable PDF Pattern - Dot Mandala Ornaments, 2-Pattern Mini Bundle


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This is a digital download. After purchase, you will receive an email with the PDF pattern attached to download.

This pair of downloadable dot mandala
patterns are “flat” dot mandala designs that I have painted on 3" plastic ornaments. There are 3 ornaments pictured but 2 are of the same design just on different colour ornaments. 

I’ve written these patterns a little differently than my previous ones. In place of row by row photos and descriptions, each ornament design will have 1-2 photos and condensed instructions. The reason for this is that, before you even get to the designs, I will first walk you through, in detail, how to do each element that you will find in this bundle. My recommendation is to read through those instructions before starting, and refer back to them as often as you need to as you paint your way through these dot mandalas! 

These designs can work well on a surface of any size or material. If the surface that you’re painting on is a different size from mine, you may wish to change the tool sizes used in each design.

This is a digital download. After purchase, you will receive an email with the PDF pattern attached to download. 

Use this pattern to make beautiful things for yourself, to give as gifts, or even on items you wish to sell. Fill your boots! On a totally selfish side, I’d love it if you would tag me (@mandalaloveaffair on all platforms). 

This pattern is not permitted to be sold or distributed in any way or for any reason not approved in writing by me, Jaime Merrithew, of Mandala Love Affair. This includes emailing/printing/sharing with another person, teaching in person or online workshops, or selling this pattern. 

Tool sizes as well as colour brands/colours are all included in the download. I provide sizes for DIY Mandala Stone and Happy Dotting Company tools, as well as nail dotting stylus tools.

In this 11 page PDF, I will walk you through basic dot mandala pattern elements, prepping your paints and painting surface, drawing your guidelines, each step of these designs, fixes & touch ups, and finishing/sealing your masterpiece. I hope the tips and tricks I share along the way, coupled with the colour photos of each step, guide you through creating this mandala as joyfully as possible!